ATEX Classification

The purpose of ATEX classification in oil refineries, chemical plants and gas storage facilities is to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in areas where there is a potential risk of explosive atmospheres. ATEX classification helps identify and categorize hazardous areas within the refinery where flammable gases, vapours, mists, or combustible dusts may be present.

By classifying these areas into specific zones, oil refineries can implement appropriate safety measures, including the selection of suitable equipment and the implementation of safety procedures. This helps to minimise the risk of ignition sources, such as sparks or heat, coming into contact with the flammable substances, which could potentially lead to explosions or fires.

ATEX classification also helps in the design and construction of equipment and facilities, ensuring that they are adequately designed and protected to prevent the release of explosive substances and to contain any potential explosions within designated areas.

Our intrinsically safe weld isolation dual purpose tools and flange weld testers are a benefit within these hazardous environments.

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